Group Abaim

Group abaim

Since its creation in 1988, group abaim has remained a reference in terms of musical and artistic creation.  It has been able to harmonise different musical traditions which exist in the republic of Mauritius where Mauritians can recognise themselves. With more than 50 people across different age group, group abaim is a troupe which promotes intangible heritage through valorisation of mother language, music, songs, dance, play and story telling.

Intangible heritage, research, collection, strengthening, preservation & dissemination

We use a lot the UNESCO convention on intangible heritage to carry our current work. We are very active collecting, preserving and disseminating different elements like play, songs, story telling.  We believe that we also value our heritage by engaging in re-creation as well. There is already a number of material that have been collected and reconditioned so that there is still relevant nowadays.

Group Abaim rehearsal :  Monday & Thursday  - 17er30 a 19er30

Show, performance

Being in touch with the general public to disseminate material produced is highly important.  This is done through shows throughout the country.  These shows bring the opportunity to give back to the Mauritian population what was collected from them.  This strengthen the sense of national belonging and is deeply rooted both our diverse and common identities which enrich us.


Performance genres

We offer different types of shows which includes creating and performing musicals, theme based concerts, animating folk play as well as experimental methods to relive traditional Mauritian music.  It is important to note that all revenue earned from these activities and product sale goes to ABAIM.  All musicians donate their collective contribution to the latter.