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Abaim believes that it is preponderant to value creativity that exists in each individual.  This participative method, has enabled many musical creations. This also allowed these creations to be transformed into products like book, cd, dvd among others.  

1992 - Enn lot sezon

After 4 years of work, research and public performance, our first album came out.  In a period where our country musical creation was in jeopardy, Enn lot sezon” (Another season) brought a new sound.  Abaim brought in new sounds and  a new approach that uses different music traditions. Abaim sang  santLaboutik an tol, Lalinn kann, Sanzman sezon, Mo priye Bondye. From the smallest to the eldest, everyone enjoyed this new way of doing music.



Laboutik an tol an tet hit parad lor radio e sorti « sega de lannee » pou premie fwa ki ena enn zafer koumsa organize pou sante morisien dan radio Moris.


« Laboutik an tol » topped the music charts and was the inauguralsega of the year” ever for

1994 - Enn zour dan enn pei

Abaim continues its work of research. Music continues to be a platform for people with diverse abilities to meet and share what they have deep inside them, that is, love for humanity. Our profound respect to all material that was originally created, enable us to better comprehend our history, and understand our sizeable heritage.


Kanar (Duck), was born out of this type of creation. Nowadays we can consider this song as a classic in Mauritian music.  The album “ Enn zour dan enn pei (once upon a time), brings back popular imagination we all carry since people step foot in Mauritius.  In parallel it was also a struggle to ensure that the creole languge was recognised.  Whilst, Kanar denounce politicians whom spent their time stealing each other spouse, Mon Rwa (my King) is an outcry against a rotten political system and all its cronies whom indulge in corruption.


Tamarin”is reminiscent of riots on the Bridge.  The pain of our sisters woking in the the free zone led to the creation of Kadna dan laport sa lizinn (Padlocks on the gate of the factory) while some were basting about the second phase of industrialisation.  Eddy Labrosse was found dead in prison. We sang” Gulu Gulu”.  Before him there was Victorine. After him, Kaya, an artist.


1996 - Lerla

Meanwhile Abaim has been performing throughout the country.  We had a memorable experience in Rodrigues island.  A nice coincidence: people with disabilities in Rodrigues benefit from discounted fare on buses following a series of concerts on the island.  Our third album comes out in the midst of political change in the country.  People were angry but there were too many followers. Vyun Vyun (Buzz Buzz)narrates how fellow Monkey, a servile subordinate ends up in a cauldron . “ Mons Mekanik”, Fifinn”, describe the anxiety of mechanisation in the cane fields while our sisters are working night and day to sponge racing debt of Tonyo.


Lerlais an ode to coastal life and this fading generation of Ton Polo, Ton Fael… Our experience of the Seychelles enrich our music and led us to compose Ilowhere we were very touched this special rhythm from our brother and sisters who were unrooted from their island.  Abaim invent? Pursue a court case among animals in Ki Ki Ki”. Poor hen. She would have been better off spinning a bottle to identify who stole her eggs. This is how the court works.  

2000 - Enn syek de syek

Enn syek de Syek (One century Two Centuries)... Abaim… For all music created in Mauritius, even before we thought of making music

Enn syek de Syek... Abaim ... To sing our happiness in a Kawal Abaimwhen Ton Claude incite to take dancefloor withRoule Matant”  and Tizak respond by saying Arre Va! Va! Va! (oh Great! Great! Great!)

Enn syek de Syek... Abaim ...For Anyes a sex worker in the Jardin Compagnie who suddenly remembers her baby is on the edge of the bed.Enn syek de Syek... Abaim ... For « Rezistans (resistance)» from Anna de Bengal , to the different stikes and arsons in the sugarcane plantation until no one can no longer stand to remain silent

Enn syek de Syek... Abaim ...for  « karapat (Tik) » waiting by the fly of power to sneak in.

Enn syek de Syek... Abaim ... to continue to leave beautiful footprints, beautiful benchmarks and good words from Abaim.


2002 - 16 ti morso nou lanfans

A prized collection of 13 songs/nursery rhyme/play from Mauritius children’s oral heritage. Ti Marmit was among them in a CD which looks like a an old vinyl disk.  This album brought 50 children from the Saturday care project into a music studio, and made Abaim a household name at national and international level.   It was the biggest album sales in Mauritius and the region for the past 25 years. In this album also featured Pani Nayba, a bhojpouri song from the Geet Gawai tradition which was also inscribed on the list of Unesco world heritage in 2016     

Prime Minister's Unity Award 2003

Masa Award - 1st edition

Meyer lavant enn albem depi sa lepok-la

Best Album Sales

2003 - Tizan ar so 8 frer

A double album in an amazing collection. We wanted to properly narrate old stories with our local hero Tizan and other characters which existed for a long time in Mauritian culture. 10 songs and 4 stories in a beautiful book illustrated by Laval Ng, comic book artist. There are also words, language and expression that were lost and were revived through this 110 page book/CD written in Kreole, English and French

Communication Arts design Award 

2007 - Fobour dankan (single)

This single marks a collaboaration with jeweller Ravior, who had a keen interest in social action. The youngsters of Abaims music workshop had the opportunity to be exposed to the craftsmanship of jewellery

2009 - Rekreasyon

31 songs from the collective cultural memory of Mauritius. An amazing live recording by Philppe de Magnee, sound engineer from Belgium who specialises in live recording. A double album in a hard cover book which includes lyrics, description, context, musical analysis as well as captivating illustration from Laval Ng. Great to listen to or read from start to finish with authentic musical arrangement and far from commercial music.  The book is written in Kreol and offers French and English translation.








Ombudsperson for children

2011 - Enn nwel larkansiel

This album brings us in a festive Christmas spirit.  Live recording was done at Saint Sacrement Casis Church with  four Mics. It is a compilation of universal Christmas song and their adaptation in Mauritian creole together with new Mauritian Christmas song with a unique Abaim flavour. 12 songs among which Alime tegn, in a package which include a CD, DVD and beautiful illustration.

MBC Award for Alime Tegn

2012 - Kas Kas Nikola (single)

A collaboaration with singer Clarel Betsy, a famous Mauritian singer who did his career in France.  He wanted to adapt an existing song in creole. It was an amazing experience.

2013 - Zoli letan pou zanfan

An activity book which includes pedagogical songs with illustrations to support learning in a creative way.  A CD-Book featuring 20 songs , among which there is patriotic song “ Rouz ble zonn ver”.  This album originates from a project to provide educational support  which started in 2010.  A project which gives educational assistance through the valorisation of maternal language. This CD/Book is easy to use as language and presentation is simple and easy. As a bonus, there is also an analysis of the songs which pedagogue, parents can make use of.


2014 - Nomm mwa: sega tipik

Sega Tipik was inscribed as a Unesco world heritage since 2014.  13 original songs inspired from different Sega tipik tradition where only traditional instrument and rhythm was used. This type of album is quite rare nowadays as you also have unique and poetic lyrics from Mauritian culture. The album comes in form of a black and white book with artistic photography of a real sega tipik night. It also includes a musical analysis of each song .  This was a first in Mauritius history  

2015 - Made in OMorn

In 2012,  Le Morne Heritage Trust fund, instantiated and financed a collaborative project with Group Abaim where around 50 children and youngsters from the village will benefit from a Sunday care.  The objective was to collect, preserve and disseminate elements of intangible cultural heritage.  This project was completed with the production of a CD-DVD-book which put the emphasis  on songs, music, play, story, demonstrating resources available in Le Morne village.  Sponsored by UNESCO, which brings in a special significance, this trilingual production combines pedagogy and entertainment.

2016 - O Ti Le La La e  ravann

A dvd-Book which won an international award.  It uses in parallel, text, drawing,photography and a unique music notation system.  30 easy interactive lessons to learn the Ravann from an oral tradition through a movie to make the learning experience ore interesting and lively.  It also explore the historical, social, emotional and cultural dimension of this main musical instrument in sega tipik music. It also includes the first documentary-film on how Ravann was made long ago – lame la kone – with James Gurbhoo, a farmer from Barkly and directed by Diana Heise.  Bilingual – Creole & English

2016 - Kouler nou lavi (single)

A single which put forward richness of folk play.  This single comes with a clip directed and produced by AVS. It was a great experience for music group.  This project was sponsored by Phoenix Bev. It is important to note that following Blast communication initiative, this project won a Sabre Award in an international competition.

2018 - Tizan ar so 8 frer, enn komedi mizikal

A musical with more than 60 actors , most of them children and young people from Barkly, Beau Bassin. Tizan story is narrated or sung for more than 1 ½ hour on Plaza Stage.  SBM sponsored this huge work of art which brought together many professional to work together. Philippe de Magnee, Flo Drachsler, Denis Essoo, Christopher Essoo & Fidy Rabearisoa.  In order to make it accessible to everyone, a DVD is available

National Award 2019 - theatre 

2021 - Nomm mwa Sega Tipik - 2iem edision

From its first edition in collector's format, until now a real book-disc. Trilingual book with a high-quality translation by language lovers: Bruno Jean François for English and Shenaz Patel for French. In white and black, the photos of Sylvain Sebille clicked during a Sega Tipik evening on Albion beach. Discover or rediscover the beauty of 13 Sega Tipik songs and their respective musical analysis for a better understanding of the richness of each song.

2022 - Tizan ar so 8 frer, Liv fotografik

The story of Tizan and his eight brothers, part of the rich oral tradition of the Republic of Mauritius, has been reconstructed into a musical. In 2019, she was recognized with a national prize. And now this photographic book is a witness to this adventure. It is divided into three parts: First, it tells the story of Tizan through photos of each act of the comedy accompanied by their song. In the second part, he reveals behind the scenes and a presentation of the different theater professions who made their talent available to this project as well as the volunteers. A third part tells the story in three languages and describes the role of the little hero in Mauritian heritage. A walk through the emotion-filled photos of Simon Fuller.


2023 - O Ti Le La La e ravann - 2iem edision

Finally available! The second edition of the first complete book-DVD on the ravanne, the main instrument of traditional music in Mauritius, the Sega Typique has landed. The book explores the different rhythms of the ravanne, and above all talks about its journey as an object symbol of resilience. It also helps with learning through a complete method, drawn from different traditions of Mauritius. This new edition includes a QR scan to take you more quickly to the videos of Diana Heise, multidisciplinary artist from the Kansas City Art Institute. She also directed the excellent film Lame-la kone - La main qui sais, an initiatory journey on a way of building the ravanne over time.

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